Swix 125 ml HS6 Blue -4°C/-12°C ski wax


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The HS6 Liq. is a great liquid glider that is very durable. It is an undisputed favourite in cold conditions, durable and can be used in both alpine and XC sectors. There is also no iron required. It is a liquid training and racing wax for spraying on, which can be used alone or as a base for other racing waxes. It is specially designed for cold conditions, up to -12°C (10°F). Below this point, traditional paraffin waxes usually surpass liquids. The HS6L is a versatile wax that works in all snow conditions, but delivers its best performance in high humidity. Replaces CH6XL Fluorine-free. No iron required. Suitable for races and competitions
No ironing required
Suitable for racing and competitions

Swix 125 ml HS6 Blue -4°C/-12°C ski wax
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