CCM Trigger 3D PMT Grip Stick Junior Flex 40


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As players are always looking for an even faster shot release, it’s no wonder the ricors are becoming more and more popular. The Ribcor Trigger3D is no exception and is a great further development of the previous model. It remains true to its DNA for fast shot release, and the transition area above the unique geometry has been revised for an even more efficient energy transfer. The Ribcor Trigger3D also features the new X-Flow injection moulding technology for better compression, which in combination with Sigmatex guarantees an incredibly powerful and durable racket.
This also applies to our intermediate rackets which have been completely revised to meet the needs of this growing segment.
The transition to the unique ribcor-geometry has been improved to ensure a more efficient and seamless energy transfer that maximizes the bending and speed of the shot release.
Our state of the art new X-Flow injection moulding technology allows for higher quality and consistency across the entire shaft. Excess resin and cavities are removed during shaping, which improves durability and reduces the overall weight of the racket.
Quick shot release
The unique geometry provides a softer taper and also allows for an optimal vertical flex. The profile has also been optimised with the improved flex zone in the upper shaft. The result is a barrel optimised for easy loading and quick shot release.
Kick point.
RIBCOR WITH OPTIMISED LOW KICKPOINT – The quick and easy shot release of a low kick point in combination with

CCM Trigger 3D PMT Grip Stick Junior Flex 40
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